About Us

Paw Justice was formed by International stuntmen, Craig Dunn and Shaughan
Campbell whose love for action was outdone by their love for animals. After
working and becoming friends with the late Steve Irwin, Craig became inspired by Steve’s attitude, ‘if you don’t do it, who will?”.
In 2007, Craig and Shaughan were moved by the plight of ‘Eve’, a female mastiff
abandoned under a house during the holiday period for 6 weeks without food andwater. When found, Eve weighed a bare 17kgs and was covered in faeces. She was located despite not being registered. Eve was lucky, being adopted out by the SPCA after receiving extensive vet care. The horrific treatment of ‘Eve’
spurred Craig and Shaughan into establishing Paw Justice,
an organisation which they wanted to dedicate towards
reducing and eliminating animal abuse.Since its establishment in 2009,Paw Justice has gone from strength to strength. Whilst it still advocates against animal abuse,it has expanded to assist other shelters through the Paw Justice Foodbank and Pet Rescue,promoting responsible pet ownership and education of the public about animal-welfare issues.

Paw Justice Foodbank
The Paw Justice Foodbank assists rescueshelters and private rescuers all around NZ,including those that have rescue animals
listed on PetRescue.org.nz
The Paw Justice Foodbank has been operating for the past 10 years, and has donated over 600 tonnes of pet food to shelters across New Zealand,
helping to feed thousands of animals across the country.
The total food donated equates to approximately 836,232 individual
meals for cats and dogs in shelters across New Zealand


Pet Rescue is the adoption arm of Paw Justice. Pet Rescue aims to connect families looking for a pet. with rescue animals in need of a home. It works with various animal welfare organisations and private rescuers to find permanent homes for healthy and treatable, abandoned or unwanted pets. Pet Rescue brings together as many rescuegroups and people nationwide as possible, making it easier for rescue groups to let
people know about homeless animals in their care. We hope that by collaborating with others, Pet Rescue can assist with raising the profile of rescue pets and give them the best chance at being re-homed.